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Winter months the perfect opportunity for home improvements

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2015 at 1:10:58 PM

Conventional wisdom among homeowners is that the best time of the year to seek home improvement financing for remodeling projects is the spring, when the weather is warm and contractors won't hold a grudge for making them brave the cold. But it turns out that isn't always the case. 

"One of the best kept secrets in remodeling is having the projects done during the winter season," said Max Dumont of Home Loan Investment Bank. "Homeowners will find that fitting into a contractor's schedule during the spring and summer is a daunting task, as the contractors are filling their calendars daily with new remodeling projects. Due to the heavier work load of contractors during the warm months, your project could take longer to complete and cost more."

Instead of reaching out to contractors in shorts and t-shirts weather, homeowners can benefit from scheduling certain renovations in those months of the year that call for sweatshirts and blankets.

"Kitchen and bathroom projects are some of the easier indoor projects that homeowners can take advantage of during the cold weather because these projects are not affected by weather," Dumont suggested.

Painting and flooring projects are similarly convenient.

Dumont pointed out that "Once your projects are completed you will be free in the spring and summer to enjoy your family vacations, and not have to worry about dealing with project delays, and all the other perils of getting your job done on time."