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The car owner's winter checklist

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 6:18:44 PM

Winter is just a couple months away and in climates where the weather is expected to get harsh, car owners should begin considering how they will prepare their cars for the snow storms and freezing rain that await them.

Auto financing, insurance payments and plenty of other expenses go into car ownership, and though vehicle owners may be reluctant to add more to the list, when it comes to winter preparation the alternative may be even more pricey. A car that isn't properly prepped for winter weather could experience a number of problems when the climate gets inclement, which means owners will likely end up taking their vehicles to the mechanic anyway. Below is a list of steps culled from U.S. News and World Report and Car Care that ensure your car is ready for the winter weather:

  • Make sure that your car has enough antifreeze in its cooling system. This should be replaced every couple years.
  • Confirm your battery is up for the winter long haul. Batteries don't typically take cold weather well.
  • Replace your brakes and pads if they're wearing down. Icy roads are not the place for bad brakes.
  • Think about switching to "winter weight" oil. This thinner oil will help your engine start up easier, and without so much strain.

These steps will help you make sure your car lasts the winter unscathed, which can help you save in the long run.