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Set ground rules before a remodeling project [Video]

Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 9:45:47 AM

When you hire contractors for a remodeling project in your home, chances are you'll end up living alongside the work. To make this situation as comfortable as possible, it is important to plan beforehand.

Just like qualifying for home improvement financing and locating a good contractor, planning out how you will live alongside the project is crucial. From your concerns about smoking to your worries about where the workers plan to use the bathroom through the course of the remodel, you'll have to set up ground rules with your contractor.

Create a list of questions you'll ask your newly-hired contractor about the worksite, as well as how the workers will interact with the rest of your home. Include everything you can think of: How will your utilities be affected by the work? Will any areas of the home be off-limits to workers? How will trash be removed from the worksite?

Putting together a list of questions like this for your contractor and the team of workers - and using them to establish ground rules - is important before any major remodeling project. Otherwise, you could run into issues with the workers down the road.