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Automakers paying more attention to female buyers [Video]

Posted on Monday, July 13, 2015 at 1:08:23 PM

Automakers are paying more attention to an increasingly important segment of potential car buyers: Women. 

Research shows that more women hold driver's licenses than men, and that many of them are the decision makers when it comes to choosing a car. With so much of the power in households' decisions on cars, women have become a priority for many automakers. 

Because of the important role that women play in deciding exactly where auto financing goes, car company's are investing in learning more about their preferences. Product clinics, ethnographic studies and focus groups are being used to help automakers figure out what women are looking for in their cars, Kelley Blue Book explained. 

Research indicates that women prefer non-luxury sedans and SUVs, and look for vehicles that offer form and functionality. Reliability, safety, practicality and value are all factors that women were found to prioritize more than men. 

There are also significant differences between women and men when it comes to color preferences. Black and white remain the most popular choices, found, according to However, there are a number of color options that have heavy gender biases. For example, gold, silver and beige skew female, while orange, brown and yellow cars are more likely driven by men.

Understanding what women want is crucial for car companies in a contemporary auto market more frequented by women than ever before.