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What to do if your home improvement project turns up pests

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 12:39:13 PM

Have you ever started a home improvement project, only to see signs of a pest infestation?

Unfortunately, this can be an all-too-common experience for homeowners: A DIY home improvement project uncovers pests. It could be termites, rodents, bees or any other unwelcome critter, but the task then becomes how to repair the home and prevent more pests from moving in.

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, Home Loan Investment Bank's Randy Stockstill shared some advice on coping with home-improvement pests. For starters, he explained what to do when you first find this unfortunate problem:

"With information readily available on the Internet, savvy consumers can diagnose and treat small pest problems," Stockstill pointed out. "For larger infestations, especially those containing termites, bed bugs or other pests that may harm your family or home, it's better to call a professional. Hiring a pro may be more expensive initially, but repeated failed attempts to fix the problem on your own costs more in the long run, as well as putting your health at risk and damaging your home."

While you have options to ditch the pests after they've moved in, your best course of action is to prevent them from ever showing up in the first place. 

"As always, the key to effective pest control is prevention," added Stockstill. "Insects will use the smallest of openings to infiltrate a home. Caulk any cracks in the structure and be sure that weather stripping is in good shape and seals all gaps completely. Because moisture attracts insects, ensure all pipes and appliances that cause condensation are in working order and any leaks are repaired. Lastly, regular cleaning around the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove will eliminate a possible food source for those unwelcome guests."

Above all else, make sure your home improvement is completed effectively and smoothly. This means no pests, but it also means smart management. Home improvement financing can help you offset the costs of any renovation, and feel free to contact us here at Home Loan Investment Bank for any other guidance you may need.