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Contest highlights pet-centric home improvement ideas [Video]

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 1:58:48 PM

Tired of the old metal dog kennel in your garage? Want a more creative way for your cats to get some exercise inside?

While families across the country are in love with their pets, a few have gone above and beyond to create a home environment that truly caters to the animals among us.

Recently, Hanley Wood held a contest to showcase these pet-centric home designs. Some of the ideas highlighted included a kennel built in to a kitchen island, a room created solely for a dog and custom eating nooks.

Popular home design ideas included hidden passageways, rooms and entrances so pets can move about the home with ease. Other popular additions included stairs so smaller animals could climb in bed with their owners.

If you're in the market for some home improvement financing - and some smart pet-friendly designs - then consider these options, according to the DIY Network:

  • Hardwood floors - Pets can make a mess of rugs and carpet, so hardwood could be a better choice.
  • Custom wall hooks - You'll need a place to hang up all those leashes, and a customized hook can be the right idea.
  • Stain-resistance - Certain fabrics are better suited for stains, so you may want to upholster your chairs and couches in a way that protects them from pets.