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Lakewood, NJ tops list of family-oriented cities [Video]

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 1:41:16 PM

Are you in the market for a new home? Do you have a family - or are looking to start one?

If so, then you probably want a home that is in a family-friendly location, full of other budding families and children. 

Finding the right place to live can be complicated. Recently, RealtyTrac looked at the numbers to find an answer. By analyzing population data, the new study ranked cities based on their under-five-year-old populations.

Topping the list was Lakewood, New Jersey, which has a population of 91,423 - 17.6 percent of which was children under five years old. In second place was Eagle Mountain, Utah, with 17 percent of the population under five. Also on the list were New York City, Cincinnati and Denver.

In terms of population and median property value, the most children under five - and the cheapest homes - were in Cincinnati, with 16.8 percent of the population under five and a median property value of only $76,813.

Once you settle into your new home, creating the right family-friendly atmosphere is also important. According to HouseLogic, you should look for creative ways to incorporate art into your home. You can build an arts-and-crafts station, add a chalkboard wall or highlight other interesting features.

Of course, home improvement financing can help as you renovate and adjust to your new home.