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New homes built with energy efficiency in mind

Posted on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 8:05:45 AM

What is it that new-homebuyers care about today? For many, the answer is square footage, price or school district - but another trend catching on across the country is energy efficiency.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, new homes are increasingly being built with smart, eco-friendly features, like Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats and more efficient windows.

"Our builder members are telling us that more and more buyers are looking at new homes for their efficiency in design and functionality," noted NAHB chairman Tom Woods. "Whether it's improved insulation or sustainable building materials, today's new homes can reach higher energy performance and greater durability than was possible even 20 years ago. And programs like the National Green Building Standard help consumers achieve their efficiency needs."

Energy efficiency is so important that one NAHB survey found that 84 percent of new-homebuying millennials are willing to pay at least 2 percent more for a home that has eco-friendly features.

For any buyer interested in residential financing and a new home, there are a few energy-efficient elements to keep an eye out for.

These include:

  • Energy Star ratings
  • Insulation
  • Low-flow faucets
  • "Green" building products
  • Fluorescent light bulbs

Any one of these changes could lead to improved energy savings for the homeowner, not to mention a reduced impact on the environment.