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Driverless cars have potential, but are consumers ready?

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 8:17:37 AM

Are you ready to hand driving over to an autonomous vehicle? If you answered no, then you are not alone. A recent Harris Poll survey found that 33 percent of its participants - more than 2,000 adults - would never buy a driverless car.

However, that percentage does decrease depending on age, with older drivers less likely to operate a driverless car compared to their younger peers. And, there is good news for autonomous fans: 35 percent believe that driverless is the future of vehicles and 22 percent say they would love this type of technology.

Overall, autonomous vehicles have a variety of pros and cons. On one hand, many accidents are related to driver error, so removing the driver is one way to improve safety. Other benefits could include fuel economy, increased productivity and more free time for "former" drivers.

On the other hand, driverless vehicles will need to overcome the negative consumer sentiment, plus they'll have to navigate the complicated world of regulations and insurance.

These are legitimate concerns that must be answered before we are driven around by our cars, whether or not the price, auto financing and other economic factors are right.