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Simple steps to add your style to a new home [VIDEO]

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 8:52:11 AM

Have you finally closed the deal on a new home, completing your residential financing, negotiating a price and filling out all the paperwork? Well, it is now time to move into your property.

At the moment, it is bare and impersonal. The goal is to convert it into a space that is all your own, but that can be a bit complicated. However, there are several things that you can do to add a personal flair without breaking the bank.

These include:

Updating your trim
Trim is an often overlooked part of a house. If you want to inject your personality, start by updating this area. According to Zillow, you can pair light and dark trim or use a new trim color to divide rooms.

Add a coat of paint
Paint is a fantastic - and cheap - way to upgrade a new property. Don't just paint walls, however. Use paint to cover ceilings and furniture as well. A kitchen island can be painted to your style to completely transform the room. A high ceiling painted darker will draw the eye upward, complimenting the feature.

Use accent colors
Color doesn't just have to be from paint, though. If you want a cheap way to customize your new home, try bringing in a few accent pieces. These can include converted furniture, like an old medicine chest used as a coffee table. Or it could be some throw pillows in creative patterns.