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Study: Drivers behind on vehicle winter-weather preparations

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:57:53 AM

This winter has been relatively mild across the U.S. - even warmer than usual in some spots - but don't tell that to drivers in the Northeast, where freezing cold temperatures and snow storm after snow storm have battered the area.

According to a poll by Elephant Auto Insurance, more than half of the drivers questioned don't prepare their vehicles for the winter roads, even though 70 percent believe that it is an important step. 

"Unfortunately we do see incidents that might have been avoided had precautionary steps been taken," Brian Wakefield, director of operations at Elephant, said in the news release. "Seeing these results shows there's still an opportunity to increase driver safety and awareness."

However, drivers in the Northeast and the Midwest are more open to winterizing their vehicles as the weather becomes worse.

If you want to get ready for the next major storm headed your way, consider giving your vehicle a quick check-up. Make sure you are full on wiper fluid, keep your tires inflated properly - or switch them out for a set of snow tires - and test out your systems to see if everything is working properly.

Even if you've recently acquired auto financing and bought a new car, these tips can help protect your investment on the road.