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When is the best time to list a home?

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 8:06:52 AM

The best time to list a home is in the spring and the fall, according to Zillow. On the contrary, the best time to buy is during the holidays and the winter. This is based on the idea that fewer people are shopping during the colder months, while more buyers appear as temperatures begin to heat up.

However, the differences between the seasons may not be as severe as one may think. A recent report from Redfin pointed out that the 2015 winter season has seen a record number of homebuyers. That demand may flip conventional wisdom on its head. 

The Redfin analysis of its homes for sale found that while spring remained the best for listing property, it was only a marginal advantage compared to the winter. Between March 21 and June 20, 39 percent of all listed homes sold within one month. In the winter, that percentage barely dropped to 38 percent.

Overall, the Redfin report is a sign that the seasons shouldn't be a deciding factor during homebuying and selling. If you are looking for affordable residential financing and a new home, there are other factors that are more important.

"To get the best of both worlds, sellers need to be informed on both local buyer demand and recent sale prices in their neighborhoods before deciding when to list their homes and for what price," explained Redfin chief economist Nela Richardson.