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Three ways to combat ice buildup, roof damage during winter

Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 2:15:31 PM

Icicles may often conjure nostalgic images of childhood for many Americans, but for savvy homeowners who have dealt with a leaky roof during wintertime, they are an indication of a growing problem. Too much ice buildup can lead to larger issues, and possibly the need to obtain residential lending and replace a roof. 

Taking a number of precautions to decrease the risk of ice damage will preserve the structural integrity of your home.

Cool down the attic - Heat generated from homeowners rises into the attic, causing the roof to warm and snow melt. Situating a few fans around the attic can help redistribute the air and cool down the roof. 

Rake your roof - Using a specially-designed device to remove snow from your roof can reduce the amount of ice buildup and can lighten the load your roof bears. Don't worry about chipping ice away from the eaves, as you may end up damaging your gutter or shingles. 

Utilize heating cables - Although it may be too late now, before next winter arrives, install heating cables along the edge of your roof to easily melt ice dams during the height of the cold season.

If the worst should happen and you need to make a sizable repair to your home, researching home improvement financing with Home Loan Investment Bank can help you to make immediate repairs and save money in the long run.