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Quick and easy vehicle modifications that can save gas

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 1:53:16 PM

When purchasing a vehicle, most consumers are aware of the immediate costs and obtain used car financing to assist with the purchase, but others neglect to consider future costs such as gasoline and maintenance. Gas is vital to the operation of an automobile, and if the car is being used frequently, the expenses can gradually become overwhelming.

There are a number of economical modifications car owners can make to their vehicle - after purchasing it - that will help them to consumer less gas and save more money.

Installing a vacuum gauge
As the way in which drivers operate their car can affect the fuel efficiency, installing a vacuum gauge can help them better monitor their gas consumption in real time. The inexpensive, low-tech device evaluates the manifold vacuum's effectiveness and can be hooked to the dashboard of a car. After some practice, drivers can learn to use the gas and brake pedals in ways that use less fuel. 

Increasing the vehicle's aerodynamics
Pickup trucks are seldom sold with a cap or cover for their flatbeds, but users that incorporate such an accessory when they aren't hauling a load can save lots of gas. When operating a pickup truck without a flatbed cover, wind that flows into the exposed space can create a notable amount of drag and greatly reduce the vehicle's fuel efficiency. Solid caps as well as vinyl covers can easily be taken on and off.

Reducing extra weight
While some drivers think this means they should leave their toolbox at home, removing stock parts of the vehicle, such as unused passenger seating or roof racks can facilitate the engine's efficient operation. Reinstalling such features on a need-only basis can help drivers realize real savings over time.

Those still weighing their car-buying options should consider gas costs, and examine auto financing opportunities with Home Loan Investment Bank, a trusted lending company.