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How to save money when updating your home's windows

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 3:55:37 PM

Making changes to your home's windows can not only increase the house's resale value, it can also help you to save more money on energy costs each month.

While restoring an older home with the assistance of residential financing can allow you to make a number of improvements, repairing - not replacing - existing windows will ensure you save more money and get your worth from a loan.

Caulking cracks
Oftentimes, the glass in window panes are held in place by putty that can crack over time. These holes are prime areas for heat and cool air to escape, driving your utility costs up year-round. If the holes are small, apply some silicone caulk in the concentrated areas. If the putty is mostly deteriorated, remove it all and caulk the whole window.

Repairing wood
Wooden windows can last more than 100 years if treated properly. But, even if they aren't, they can be repaired. Fill holes in the wooden frame with epoxy putty and paint over the fixture to get it looking like new. 

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