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Ways to save more money on gasoline costs

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 3:43:28 PM

As people begin to consider purchasing an automobile, they should be certain to account for all the possible costs associated with owning a car before walking into a dealership. Even though you may have saved money by obtaining an auto financing loan from Home Loan Investment Bank, you could still find yourself paying a large amount for gasoline.

Employing a number of money-saving strategies will ensure your costs of operating the car are more manageable.

Go easy on the pedals - Those known to slam their feet on the gas and brake pedals often end up paying more for both for gasoline and repairs. Tenderly touching the two pedals will consume fuel at a lower rate.

Cut the weight - Driving around with big, heavy items in the car causes the engine to work harder, and burn more gas. With the exception of passengers, if it doesn't need to be in the car, leave it at home.

Roll down windows - Using the air-conditioner often during warm weather burns lots of gasoline. Rolling the car windows down when can everyone to cool off without wasting money.

Get the car serviced regularly - Skipping periodic check-ups may reduce your car's gas-efficiency and can permanently damage its engine. Have a qualified professional examine your vehicle at least every 5,000 miles.