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Two easy, value-appreciating home improvement projects

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 4:25:45 PM

As some homeowners begin to think about moving out of their current house and into a new one, they may have a wish list of features they'd like to have for their future property.

What many may not realize is, there are a number of improvement projects they can undertake to increase the quality of their current home and increase its resale value. Making modifications to your house with the assistance of residential lending can help you quickly attract buyers and see their purchase offers at higher amounts.

Landscaping the front yard - Upon arriving at your house, visitors may first notice colorful flower beds or decorative trees outside. These environmental accessories are relatively inexpensive and can positively influence prospective buyers' outlook of your home. Adding solar-powered lights to your walkway will give your yard a distinguished look during daylight hours and an ambient glow at night.

Incorporating an ornate garage door - Aside from your front yard, the garage is another highly-visible aspect of your property that can sway visitors' initial opinions of your home. A wide variety of garage door covers can easily be bought and installed in an afternoon. Opting for an expensive-looking material like wood can lead possible purchasers (and your neighbors) to believe you have a high-quality home.