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Energy-saving modifications for homeowners

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 12:38:34 PM

An increasing number of homeowners are taking advantage of favorable residential lending conditions and making improvements to their houses. While the cost of such modifications may deter some, the money accrued due to energy-saving changes can greatly benefit consumers in the long run.

Insulating drafty windows, doors, ceilings
This approach may be labor intensive, but ultimately can be an easy way to save on heating bills, and air-conditioning costs. Filling cracks in windows and doors with affordable insulation will stop heat from escaping, and contain cool air. Adding insulation to ceilings and attics will also help to keep conditioned air inside the house.

Buying energy-saving products, appliances 
There are numerous household appliances that have been certified as energy-efficient and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars. However, these items can be expensive to obtain. Researching home improvement financing, and starting small with energy-efficient light bulbs is great way to get started.

Utilizing electrical power strips
It is not commonly known that chargers for cell phones and other mobile devices still use energy even if the device is not being charged. Plugging cords into a power strip will help to regulate electricity usage, and utilizing one which includes an off-switch can ensure energy is not being wasted unknowingly.